Tutorial: Carbonite and the USB

After spending some time on the Carbonite I have found a few tricks using the files on the USB drive.  You can name your switcher sets, and move or copy Custom Controls and Memories.

Hit Menu>Save>(Select your switcher set)> save all

Remove your USB and plug it into your computer or FTP into it

There will be a folder called <switcher>

In that folder there will be another folder called set 0- Set 9

You can rename that folder to whatever you want, give it a more personalized or show specific name

Now that your have changed the name of the folder, the switcher can still read it, it also still gives you 10 sets to save to, now you have virtually unlimited saves per USB.

Now if you go into the folder you just named, you will see a folder for Custom controls, Installation, Memories, and personality.

In custom controls, no matter how you name them, they are given a name such as cc102.  This is actually kind of a code.  CC obviously stands for Custom control, the first digit is the bank number, and the second two is a 2 digit number of the xpt or button it is assigned to.  So this one is assigned to button 2. If I want to move it to button 8, I would change the name to CC108.

If you want to Copy a custom control you can simply do a Copy, then rename it to using the code above to map it to another button.

Hit Menu>load>(Select your switcher set)> load Custom Controls.

Once they are loaded you will see your custom control moved or copied.


The same principals are true with Memories.  You may have a Memory named mem121.  The 1xx is the MLE #, this is MLE 1.  The second digit x2x is the bank number and the 3rd digit xx1 is the memory number. 

You can move by re-naming using the “code” as well as copy them and re-name them.  Move them from MLE 1 to MLE 2, change banks, ect.

Hit Menu>load>(Select your switcher set)> load Memories.

This can also be useful to share Custom Controls and Memories with others.

About brhoda

I freelance doing a few different thing in the video and live production market. I worked for a church for 5 years directing services and designing control rooms.
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