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Striving for equilibrium

I have always found economics to be interesting, in fact I still remember stuff I learned in my high school economics class.  More recently in college I began learning it all again and I really think it applies to so … Continue reading

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NAB Recap

I made my way out to NAB this year and I thought I would mention a few highlights I had while I was out there, although I won’t be able to get to them all. Ross Carbonite Since it’s release … Continue reading

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Painting a picture

I’m sitting here in my office working from home, which is pretty typical, and outside is the beautiful site of snow falling from the sky.  I’m thankful that God made snow white because as it falls from the sky and … Continue reading

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Video from an audio perspective

I have been working with an audio guy lately on a mobile video fly pack. In the process I have used what I know about audio to describe gear needed in an IMAG system. This got me thinking, most churches … Continue reading

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Using your Tools

We are techies, by that I mean we like things with buttons, knobs, faders, and of course blinky lights.  I must say my favorite part of my job as a TD (Video director) is pushing the buttons on the switcher … Continue reading

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Church production….Kinda like News

I have been observing a lot of News productions lately and I have begun to find some similarities in the two.  Now before I get into it, production is all what you put into it and comes in may different … Continue reading

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Genlock: What is it and Why is it important?

Genlock goes by many names: genlock, reference, black burst, master pedestal, master setup, sync, and more.  It is the behind the scenes hero in a video system and by far one of the most important aspects in a system. So … Continue reading

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