Gear Highlights

Ross Video Carbonite Production Switcher with View Control


The Ross Carbonite has a lot of Bang for the Buck! Loaded with features, and easy to use at the right price makes this a great candidate for your control room. It is also available in many different sizes and models to fit your budget.  I have used the Carbonite on a lot of productions and rarely do I miss not having the bigger Vision series.

View Control is the touch screen interface that makes Directing visual and easy for volunteers!  This is no add on feature you just need to get a dedicated computer with Dashboard into your system and a touch screen monitor (SDI converted to HDMI) and you are ready to go! (Not available in SD).

Hitachi Z-HD6000 HD Studio Camera38589-6

I have been really impressed with the Hitachi line of cameras and the z-HD6000 is an Economic 2/3″ camera.  Looks, feels and operates like a full studio camera and comes with all the options.  You can easily mix and match different options/ accesories and upgrade it later on.  Perfect camera for IMAG and Web!

I have used this camera many times and it looks great!  It is on a Fiber Back bone which is extremely durable and can go a long distance.

Video Devices Pix 270i


Reliable video recorders that cost effective aren’t the easiest things to find.  Video devices has what I believe to be the best one on the market.  Not only do they rack nicely, but they have a host of features including audio recording strait from MADI or DANTE audio networks.  You can also simultaneously record onto 4 separate hard drives if needed.  And it’s incredulity solid/ reliable.

JVC SR-HD2700US HD/SD-SDI DVD/ Blue-Ray Recorder


SDI inputs and outputs makes getting live quality DVD’s and Blue-Ray disks easy!  I have been waiting for a quality DVD / Blue ray recorder and JVC finally did it.  I have used this on a few shows and it has been impressive.  You can also record to the hard drive and dub to whatever media you would like.  Great product that fits a need for Archiving, back-ups or quick turn around applications.


Ensemble Design Bright Eye Mitto Scan Converters


The Ensemble Design Mitto are rack mountable scan converts that convert, DVI, VGA and HDMI into your system.  A USB connection in the back makes it easy to access all the settings and adjust the scan converter.  Most Scan converters in it’s class can’t do VGA, VGA is still great for long distances and still provides good quality.  Overall it is very in expensive for a scan converter and Ensemble Designs makes quality, robust stuff!  It now offers auto Sensing VGA inputs which makes your life easy.

Don’t stop at just the Mitto’s!  The entire Bright eye line is great stuff!

Cobalt Digital Throw down Converters



Cobalt is known form making good converters to handle a variety of needs.  Their Blue Box group of converters are some of the most trusted converters on the market. If power is an issue, plug them into an open USB port on a TV or nearby device.  Great, Reliable converters!

Panasonic PT-RZ12KU Laser Projector



Laser is here and it is worth the expense.  No lamps!  If you are looking to upgrade projection, you should be looking at Laser, and I have found the Panasonic line to be well built, low maintenance, and cost effective.

Ross Open Gear Frame


Need to Convert? Go with Open gear, low profile frame makes it easy to add in DA’s and converters to and from what ever you need.  In any control room you need to convert, Go with Open Gear and Ross Terminal Gear cards.  If Ross doesn’t have the card you need, look into one of their partners and they will have what you need.  Buy a Ross switcher and the frame only costs as much as the power supply.

Ross Video Ultrix Routers

Routers are an essential part of a control room.  Ross Ultrix routers are Solid and packed with useful features in the HOW market.  They provide options for Multi viewers and Full audio processing with MADI integration.  This is a feature packed router that will make your system the most flexible it can be.  And if you don’t need the flexibility right now, you can unlock it later!  This may have some initial sticker shock but when you add up the pieces or compare it to other manufactures with similar features, it is very economic!  You won’t regret the investment into Ultrix!

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